Thursday, November 5, 2009

Questionnaire Drafting

Developing the questionnaire was not that difficult. By doing our focus group, we were able to use that information and came up with very valuable questions. The only part that was somewhat difficult was deciding the order of the questions and making sure that the answer would give us enough information pertaining to our specific product.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sampling Methods for Project

The sampling method that we are using for group is going to be the simple random sample method. We are going to find 100 random participants on campus and get them to fill the surveys out. This is going to be the easiest for our group as well.
If money was not an issue, I would use the simple random method. I feel that this method is done at random so therefore everyone has an equal chance at being chosen. One of the main advantages is that there is only minimal advance knowledge of population needed and it is easy to analyze the data and computer errors.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bad Questionnaire

Bad Questionnaire

Question # 1

There is nothing wrong with this question until you look through the rest of the survey then you realize the problem. If the person filling out the survey is not a college student, then they cannot answer questions 2, 3, 7, or 8. If the survey was intended for college students then only college students should be allowed to participate. The survey does not make much sense for someone that is not a college student to take the survey.

Question # 3

I do not know where to begin with this question. There are no instructions to inform the participant how to answer this question. Are you supposed to check off the lines, write down numbers rating the answers? This question is very confusing and you would probably not get the correct feedback because the participants wouldn’t know how to feel the question out.

Question # 8

The main issue with the question is that there are several major available and this is only a small list. Not all majors are included so the surveyor should have a place for the participant to write in their major if it is not included in the list. This question would not be bad if the survey was given to student in just Richard’s College of Business or a location where the participants would be some type of business major.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Online Panels

Part One

The online survey firms provide companies with market research and help them understand the consumer better. The manufacturers rely on these firms to help them make successful business decisions. SurveySpot members can win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes through three different programs: New Instant win game, Cash sweepstakes and cash rewards. After looking at the other website they all offer cash prizes weekly.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Projecitve Test

What do you think of the analysis given at the end? What do you agree or disagree with?
I do agree with the analysis at the end of the projective test. I feel that what I wrote down did not correspond with the meaning of my answer. For example, the question about the cup and what you would do with it, I put that it was dirty and that I would leave it on the ground. The corresponding meaning was how you view your religion. I feel that my religious view do not reflect that meaning. I guess that it really depends how you answer the question, as far as if you are being very specific or not.
How could the projective technique be used in BUSINESS research? Refer to other types of projective techniques. Be specific; use examples.
Projective techniques are very helpful when using business research. Sentence completion method is a very simple way to get a quick and easy response. Also, it allows for the researcher to find different categories for this information. Word association is when the subject is presented with a list of words are asked to say the first word that come to mind. This helps the research find thoughts the subject thinks about.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ethical Issues

Ethical question #1

The researcher should present the results that, showed ALL respondents, 89% feel McDonald’s offer healthy meal options. The researcher is showing the truthful results to the V.P. even though the other results would be more helpful. By choosing these results to present you still are being ethical. The researcher is not lying to the V.P. and is giving him information based on fact.

Ethical question # 2
As the marketing research associate I would include my father as the tenth person in the focus group. He is the prefect candidate and only missed the age requirements by two weeks. Any other researcher could easily select my father as a candidate. I feel that the fact him being my father is completely irrelevant as long as he answered the questions honestly.